“We are called to be a community characterized by grace-based relational environments where people can lovingly connect with God, with others, and with the mission of Jesus in order to grow into disciple-making disciples who change the world…starting where we are.” (Matthew 22.37-40; Acts 1.8 and 2.42-47)

“Multiplying Disciples and Making a Difference”

RELEVANT: God isn’t honored when we bore people with the Gospel. Therefore,
our worship is contemporary yet Biblical and directed toward God, and our
messages apply Biblical truth to practical everyday life, offering answers to real-
life questions and discussing real-time issues in a relevant way. Small groups and a
 comprehensive prayer ministry keep our disciple-making mission geared to following
Jesus in the real world.

RELATIONAL: We attempt to remove theological “buzz-words” and insider
vocabulary and replace them with language that can be understood by 21st -
century people. We believe life is meant to be lived in community, so we build
opportunities for relationship with others into the heart of every ministry.

REAL: People are never “put on the spot,” but they are always greeted with
radical hospitality. We may be casual in our dress, but not in our love for God, for
each other, and for the world. We are a Biblical refuge in which all people are
welcome “just as they are.” In order to be that “refuge,” we are as transparent
and authentic as possible in everything we do, and we seek to serve our
community in Jesus’ name in ways that meet real need and make a real difference.